Buxton’s link to Kennedy tragedy

Buxton Advertiser Archive, clipping of the President Kennedy shooting
Buxton Advertiser Archive, clipping of the President Kennedy shooting
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Buxton was directly linked with the assassination of John F Kennedy in Dallas 50 years ago through a 22-year-old nurse who was with the American president when he died.

Diana Hamilton Bowron was on duty in the Emergency and Theatre Department at Parkland Hospital, four miles outside Dallas, where the President was taken shortly after the shooting.

The Advertiser & Herald of Friday November 29, 1963, reported: “There were three nurses present when the President died in a small, grey-tiled emergency room.”

The paper reported that Miss Bowron’s mother, Mrs Beatrice Bowron, said her daughter telephoned her on the Saturday evening and told her what had happened.

“My daughter and two other nurses helped to bring President Kennedy from his car into the hospital on a trolley,” said Mrs Bowron.

“She did not realise the man was President Kennedy until she recognised Mrs Kennedy, who was holding on to her husband. The President’s head was on her lap.”

Nurse Bowron helped to cut off the President’s clothing, and handed doctors the necessary equipment for injections, blood transfusion and tracheotomy, the paper reported.

It said: “Miss Bowron saw Mrs Kennedy come into the room where her husband was taken. The hospital staff tried to persuade her to leave, but she returned just as her husband died.”

The nurse told reporters in Dallas later that after he died, Mrs Kennedy kissed her husband’s hand, took off her wedding ring and slipped it on to his wedding finger.

Miss Bowron was in America on a five-year visa, having successfully applied for the post at Parkland Hospital after finishing her studies just months earlier. At the time, she was the first English nurse at the hospital.

The Advertiser & Herald of November 29 also reported on the reaction to the world tragedy in High Peak, where special prayers were said in local churches.

The bell-ringers at Burbage Church rang a muffled peal on Sunday before the morning and evening services in memory of President Kennedy.